Zack Schaberg


“My passion for pursing art and eventually fine jewelry all started as a kid. My dad and I would draw together all the time. I continued to gravitate towards art making it was my favorite subject through out school then I decided to make a career out of it. It wasn’t until I visited Italy, where I took my first jewelry class that this was the path for me. The materials, tools and process immediately captured my imagination, I knew from there on out I was hooked.”


Born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC. Graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts having a concentration in Metals. Started at Rings True in May of 2018. Joining the family at Rings True all began after Karl came to ECU and gave a stone setting workshop. “He and I became good friends after the workshop and continued to stay in touch. One evening I decided to visit Karl at his shop in Raleigh and he offered me a job!”

Work From ECU