Bespoke jewelry elevates precious metals and gems into exquisite expressions of you.

Original fine diamond and color pieces on commission.


From classic to fanciful to whimsical: what you can imagine, Karl can create.


One-of-a-kind artistry. 

Engagement and wedding rings are not the only jewelry destined to become family heirlooms. 

At Rings True, the same investment you might make in mass-produced jewelry will deliver original creations of superb quality, world-class craftsmanship and impeccable provenance. 

Whether it's a gift for someone special or a piece that reflects your own passion or personality, Karl can bring your unique vision to life.

"Let’s Tell the Story of Artisan/Designer Jewelry"

There is a jewelry offering that is highly individualistic, often pays greater attention to sustainability, and delivers an experience of art, hand-craft, and the type of preciousness that is handed from generation to generation.

It is designer jewelry, art jewelry, jewelry made by master jewelers in their studios ... the story of fine jewelry made by artisans who still get their hands dirty is a compelling story; a story of skill built over years ... a story of artists who have a passion to create beautiful, wearable things.

Craftsmanship is in. Stories are in. 

     —Andrea Hill, former CEO, Rio Grande Jewelry            Supply, jewelry industry consultant & blogger