Original wedding rings and bespoke jewelry

destined to be the heirlooms of future generations

created from ethical metals and gems

by master stonesetter Karl Linger

and you

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Our Recent Work

Trained at the famed Oscar Heyman Bros. in Manhattan, Karl Linger has created rings for Tiffany & Co, serviced jewelry recovered from the RMS Titanic and designed the setting for the Arch Duke Joseph, one of the world's largest circulating diamonds. 

Because you collaborate with Karl in the design process, each piece is a personal statement uniquely your own. Avant garde, modern or old fashioned, fine and lacy or architectural and geometric, flowing or arresting—whatever the style, it's always beautiful, and always you.

The Rings True studio is a quiet, intimate space where you'll meet with Karl to begin turning your deepest sentiments into an inimitable marriage of precious metals and gems. Not ordered from a distant factory, but created right here—the patient handwork of a master of the craft. 


Rings True isn't about selecting someone else's retail design. It's a rare opportunity to commission one-of-a-kind work by a master artisan. 


Trained as a diamond setter by masters of the Old World craft, Karl Linger has created stunning jewelry for many of the world's finest establishments. Now he’s opened his own Raleigh studio in Ridgewood Shopping Center to create original wedding rings and bespoke jewelry expressly for you.


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The best of Old World craftsmanship meets the state of the art in ethical jewelry.

Pure Grown Diamonds

Pure Grown Diamonds

Fair Trade Metals

Fair Trade Metals

Full Transparency

Full Transparency